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   News from the Horseracing Handicapper  

MESSAGE FOR April 2017

1)    Well the biggest news is that I finally am introducing a solution to running HRH software on 64 bit systems, utilizing the Oracle TM Virtualbox, by installing a 32 bit operating system in it, I am using a Windows 10 Home Premium Edition 32 bit operating system, so find your Product Key for your 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System, it should activate with a Windows 10 Home Premium Key. I have everything setup on the Desktop for easy installation of the HRH files. I have installed the Manual Shortcuts on the Desktop along with the Brisnet Custom PP Generator. The software installation serial numbers are still required to install the HRH_Platinum_Edition software as I need to keep the reins on where my software is installed and by whom. You are not limited to this Virtual Operating System you can add any others you wish to add Instructions are available at Goto the Freebie Page for all the Downloads Clearly marked for easy installation. If you are a previous purchaser let me know to reset your Download count so it won't stop you from installing any New Purchasers let me know that you intend to utilize this Oracle Virtual Box solution. I use it myself it works seamessly with the Host Operating Windows 10 64 bit system.
    You do need a Windows Product Key because the change in hardware from my computer to yours retriggers the Activation of the Windows Copy. Alot of people are upgrading to Windows 10 64 bit and yes HRH programs run in the Virtualbox on a Windows 10 32 bit system. so get a CD key Home Premium Edition 32 bit full install not the upgrade CD it will not work.
    There is even a Mac version of the Virtualbox so Mac Users should be able to use this to run HRH software too, I hope some Mac Users will take advantage of this as well. With the avent of the Windows XP OS ending it probably is not wise to install XP 32 bit but if you use the internet sparingly it would work or install 3rd party Virus protection etc.
    Any former HRH_Platinum_Edition users conteplating on upgrading to Windows 10 64 bit OS get the the package containing both 64 bit and 32 bit CD keys its very easy to set up the operating system in the box. Validating is the same as any other Windows Validation.
    Also I might start utilizing "Dropbox" to make it alittle easier for downloading with a link in an email I am not sure how fast that download speed is from Dropbox is I always thought the in the address bar of the Windows FILE Explorer worked well with the Username and Password protection it provides.
    I have also added a Screen Video showing how to download with the Windows FILE explorer and how to use the Oracle TM Virtualbox for HRH_Platinum_Edition Installation on a 64 bit System.
    Do you know the Woodbine Standardbred Races HI FIVE Jackpot is at a whopping $218,383.00 for picking the only winning ticket in the pool. AND more importantedly HRH_ASH_2008 has picked the top winner on APRIL 10, 11,and 12th 2014 and not only that but on APRIL 7,2014 picked 4 horses in exact position of the HI FIVE with its 1st Pick running 5th it was pouring rain that night the first pick had been off for 25 days and just ran out of gas in the tough going. That is excellent results for any software, we all know that in racing there are alot of unknown factors that contribute to the race winner but I don't think any other software matches HRH.

2)   Please Check the Purchase Here Page I have introduced HRH_PLATINUM on a 1GB USB Flash Drive, this is a easy Menu Driven Installation tool which is great for Archival Purposes of your HRH_Platinum Edition files. The files are protected on the USB Drive as they are on a Separate Partition, the rest of the Drive can be used for any files you wish to save Data Files, Music etc. This Drive is available to previous HRH_Platinum Purchasers for $20 US, previous HRH Program Users will have to Upgrade to HRH_Platinum first then can purchase the USB Flash Drive for $20. New Purchasers can buy their Software as a Digital Download for $99 or buy it on the USB Flash Drive for $119 US. The Installation from the USB Drive is as easy as clicking your mouse.

3) ON NOVEMBER 28,2012 at PENN National the American Thoroughbred Handicapper picked 4 winners Race 1 $5.50 Race 6 $25.20 Race 7 $3.90 and Race 9 a WHOPPING $170.30 Winner. Check out actual ATH Reports for each race below thanks to Mike an HRH_Platinum user for informing me of this.
RACE_1   RACE_6   RACE_7   RACE_9 4) Please note I have revamped the Installation CD for HRH Programs. There is only one installation CD made from a downloadable file HRH_PLATINUM_EDITION.ISO. Any previous purchaser of any HRH Product can get this upgrade for $20 US any previous HRH_Platinum_Edition purchases can obtain this as a free download just get in touch by email. There is no mailing of a CD these are digital downloads using the normal process that I have been using with the FTP through the Windows Explorer.

5) I have included all three of our products so that everyone has a good archival CD at their finger tips as we are all upgrading almost every year now to keep up with the technology.

6) This new Installation CD autoruns in Windows 7, Vista and XP but only in 32 Bit mode the programs will not install on 64 bit operating systems. Always install the programs to the C:\ root directory and the Default directory of the Installation Program.

7) I will try to get email notices out to the customers I have dealt with on HRH as older purchasers I do not have your emails so you will have to contact me. 8) The HRH_AQH_Bris will remain as free demo download but it is also included on the CD for archival purposes having everything in one place is good as we all have software spread all over the place the day you need it you can't find it.

9) All our software requires a unique serial number for installation therefore you must be on the internet to install the software. You will be given three serial numbers upon purchase,one corresponding to each piece of software HRH_ATH_2008, HRH_ASH_2008, and HRH_AQH_Bris. Each serial number is good for 3 installations only. This allows you to install to a home computer and your laptop and also have one extra installation incase of a harddrive crash etc.

John Kingsley